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Membership is granted to each law enforcement agency in the state and to all other supporting agencies directly responsible for assisting and/or training local or statewide law enforcement personnel.


The Board of Directors is composed of 4 elected officers, appointed representatives of the MoDOT Highway Safety and Traffic Division, Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Safety Center, St. Louis Metro Police Department, and NHTSA. 

Board members are also elected from agencies in Troop Regions A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H, and I.

Elected positions serve two year terms and elections are held annually with officer and regional elections alternating odd and even years.



LETSAC Board meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of every month in Jefferson City.

Meeting minutes are available upon request.  Please email


Click below to visit the MSHP Patrol Locations map to determine what Region your agency is in.




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